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How to use ULX correctly


You can use ULX commands in 3 ways.


The fastest one is the chat.

You can use all ulx commands by putting a " ! " infront of a command. " !slay"

but if you type "!slay Cookie" you will slay EVERYONE with the name Cookie on the server, to prevent that you can type "!slay "CaptnCookie" "






The next one is using the ULX menu.

You can access it with the command : "!menu" in the chatbox

You can select your target and the command like this.








The Third One is the Console.

If you don't have access to the console, follow these instructions:
1. Open GMOD.
2. Go into Options
3. Click on Keyboard tab at the top.
4. Click Advanced
5. Check "Enable developer console" 


Now you need to open the console and type ulx before the command. "ulx slay co"

You can see everyone that would be affected of this command . You can use the command by pressing enter.




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