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      The new site & store   08/28/2017

      Hi there, Welcome to our new site. This update was really needed to keep things smooth. All the data from our old site got wiped, so we have a clean start again. The store has also been updated, including the theme. If you have any questions , please send me a private message.
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1. NO sexism, racism, discrimination.

2. NO excessive disrespect to staff members and other players.

3. NO advertising other servers, communities, websites. Doing so will result in a Community Ban.

4. NO cyber-attacking of any kind. (DDoS, Password Guessing, Hacking)

5. NO alternate accounts. Doing so may result in a Community Ban.

6. NO posting in the incorrect section. This may result in a warn if done excessively. (Including memes and unrelated content in applications, etc.)

7. NO adult or obscene images in posts, avatars, or in the form of links. 

8. NO spamming both in and out of the chatbox.

9. NO arguments and debates in the chatbox. Keep it private, or contact a Super Admin+ for assistance.

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