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      Hi there, Welcome to our new site. This update was really needed to keep things smooth. All the data from our old site got wiped, so we have a clean start again. The store has also been updated, including the theme. If you have any questions , please send me a private message.
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read before submitting
Staff Member Report Template

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My Ingame Name:

My Steam ID

The Accused Staff Member: ( If possible post forum Account link):

The Accused Staff Members Ingame Rank:

The Accused Staff Memers  Steam ID ( Not needed if the accused person linked his steam account to his forum account and you linked him on Question 2) :

The Rule that the Accused Stff member broke/ the powers he abused:

Time and date it occured ( GMT+1):

The Story:

Proof supporting your words:


Additional comment I'd like to make:

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