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      The new site & store   08/28/2017

      Hi there, Welcome to our new site. This update was really needed to keep things smooth. All the data from our old site got wiped, so we have a clean start again. The store has also been updated, including the theme. If you have any questions , please send me a private message.
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Staff Application Template

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Application for the rank :


Your Reallife Name (Only first name needed):

Your Age:

Your Country of Residence:

Your English knowledge/level (1=lowest;10=highest):

Do you got a working Microphone?

Your Ingame Name:


Current rank:

Did you ever receive a Tier ? If yes what level of Tier and why?

Did you ever get Banned? If yes state why.:

Explain RDM (3 detailed examples):

Explain NLR (2 detailed examples):

Explain Meta Gaming (1 detailed example):

Explain Fear Rp (1 detailed example)


Why should we choose you? (Around 120 Words):



Do you accept our Staff Rules?( No=Instant Deny):




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