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New Project + Update 1

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As some already know we (Addicted Roleplay) are doing a brand new project. Almost everyone knows our old KDGaming server which was very nice to play. Unfortunately KDG has closed their doors and alot of people are missing it.  So I will explain here what will happen:


We will make a unique server with the same looks as the old KDGaming. Since I am an experienced Lua Developer I am able to bring some of those memories back. I use a method to have some old KDGaming addons back, please don't ask me how I do this because this is very confidential. For sure, I am NOT stealing any addons of them. Please note I can not bring 100% KDGaming back, but I am aiming for 80%.







  • The original HUD from KDGaming is back in place.


Illegal Scanner:

  • The illegal scanner is back and working.


F4 menu:

  • The orginal F4 menu from KDGaming is back in place. This menu does not come with the orginal Inventory, it was bugging.


Wanted System:

  • If you are wanted it shows a sign on the bottom of your screen. This is also an original KDGaming addon.


NLR Timer:

  • The orginal NLR Timer from KDGaming is back in place and working.



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