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      The new site & store   08/28/2017

      Hi there, Welcome to our new site. This update was really needed to keep things smooth. All the data from our old site got wiped, so we have a clean start again. The store has also been updated, including the theme. If you have any questions , please send me a private message.
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Staff Rules

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Breaking any of these rules will result in a Punishment that can range from a Tier 1 to a Community ban!

1.Only use your Powers on duty.

2.Don't Abuse your powers.

3.Don't use your powers on another Staff Member without asking for permissions to do so.

4.Don't RP while On Duty.

5. You can't punish other Staff Members,contact a Super Admin + or make a Report.

6.Don't ask for promotion.

7.Don't Build or Spawn props while on duty.

8.Don't Spawn,drive or ride a vehicle on duty.

9.Don't use your Powers to get an advantage over regular players.

10.Don't punish without a Situation.

11.Staff  rank will not prevail punishment upon breaking a rule.




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